What is the Alive Inside 'Empathy Revolution'?

Who can do this? 


  • This community created, experiential education journey, expands on the vision presented in "Alive Inside" the film.  
    It is designed to deepen the capabilities of our youth, deepen communal Emotional Intelligence and turn our present  Eldercare system on it's head!

  • Anthropologists analyzing our culture have observed technology diminishing some of our deep, communal social skills.
    These skills have been central to human survival for millennia. Modern technological culture seems to create objectification and disconnection. AIF wants to move us in the opposite direction!

  • 'The Empathy Revolution' is intended to be deeply challenging, created by Coalition communities as a way to consciously embark on a transformational hero's journey- and recover our deep human wisdom- before it is too late.

  • We challenge youth to transform the lives of elders and to encounter minds, unlike their own. 
    This is a "right of passage" that few modern kids get, and is the journey the filmmakers experienced making "Alive Inside."

  • Our culture runs from mortality. AIF believes Death teaches us how to value Life. We believe we are a pivotal time in human history and must face this time with wisdom and not stupidity.

  • Our community-created curriculum asks students to expand their concept of who they are, expand their empathy skills and emotional intelligence. This educational journey investigates aging, the brain, embodied being, human connection, self-reflection, empathy, dementia awareness, and ways to meet the emerging future.

  • The Comm-University project is a re-imagining of Eldercare being realized by visionaries across healthcare.

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