A Virtual Community Experience

In the modern world, film replaces stories told around the fire.   The purpose of Story remains the same- it is a tool for a transference of wisdom and awakening. Together we will watch "Alive Inside" and then gather around the "fire" to discuss it and share our own struggles and wisdom.  All Empathy Network events begin and end with connection and context building.

Step 1: Sign up for a Communal Viewing

  • Fill out the application- Read The Alive Inside Manifesto
  • Learn about your companions, nodes, 
  • Sign up for a time to watch Alive Inside together

Step 2: Watch Alive Inside - it's on Netflix, Vimeo, etc.

Step 2: After the film finishes join the virtual Connection Circle - 

Step 3: There are many ways to help. Think about what you're best at and how you want to contribute, and let us know! When you're ready to join the Empathy Network, schedule a zoom call with us and other people that are ready to discuss the next steps. You can schedule this here.

Step 4: Tell everyone you know to join us - if you get 5 people to join...

Sign up to:

  • Join a virtual Film Screening and Connection Circle
  • Develop your Empathy skills by finding music for an elder in your life
  • Join our online and on-the-ground volunteers
  • Teachers - Challenge students to explore end of life wisdom
  • Ignite your community with a screening of "Alive Inside"
  • Do a community fundraiser
  • Help start the Alive Inside Comm-University Movement
  • Create a partnership with a youth organization/school

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