Music Loading UPDATE!


New Alive Inside Memory Player Music Loading UPDATE!!!!

The latest version ‘Memory Player’ needs to have all the songs merged into one file to play correctly.

To do this- Find your songs and put them in a folder on your computer.

Then use Clideo audio merger. It’s super-simple and online and will merge your songs into 1 music file! It only takes a few clicks to do.


Here’s how: 


  • Choose your mp3 songs for your elder and put in a folder. 





  • Combine MP3 or WAV files 
  • Drag and drop until you are satisfied with the order. 
  • You can also convert and crossfade the music file if it is necessary.  
  • When you are satisfied - hit the MERGE button!



  • After MERGING-  Save the result And it is done! Now  listen to the joined audio to make sure you will like it



  • Then DOWNLOAD it to your device and then save the file to your sd card for the ‘Memory Player.’
  • Follow these steps to put the file on the SD card for the ‘Memory Player.’
  • At
  • Turn on Memory Player and let your elder enjoy their music!



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