Music Loading UPDATE!


New Alive Inside Memory Player Music Loading UPDATE!!!!

The latest version ‘Memory Player’ needs to have all the songs merged into just 3 or 4 files to play correctly.

  • To do this- Find your songs.
  • Then make 3 Folders on your computer. (see below)

  • Sort the songs according to "Mood" or "Tempo'" or "Emotions" or "Decades." and put the songs into the folders.


  • Now that you have 3 folders with songs in them- 
  • use Clideo audio merger or
    It’s super-simple and online and will merge your songs into 1 music file!
    It only takes a few clicks to do.
    Here’s how to merge your songs into 3 or 4 files: 


  • Choose your mp3 songs for your elder from one folder- 





  • Combine MP3 or WAV files 
  • Drag and drop until you are satisfied with the order. 
  • You can also convert and crossfade the music file if it is necessary. 
  • You can delete songs if they are too quiet or too loud-
    they should all look visually like they are at the same audio level
  • When you are satisfied - hit the MERGE button!



  • After MERGING-  Save the result And it is done! Now  listen to the joined audio file to make sure you like it



  • You are almost done!  Now, DOWNLOAD the merged file to your device and then
    save the file to your sd card for the ‘Memory Player.’
  • Follow these steps to put the file on the SD card for the ‘Memory Player.’
  • Add all three merged song lists to the SD card. Put the SD card into the Memory Player- be careful!!!
  • Turn on Memory Player and let your elder enjoy their individualized music!



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