We all need awakening!

Here are FREE tools to help you share music,
art and story with the elders in your life! 


The Alive Inside APP is our gift to the world.
It is 100% FREE!  
Just answer a few questions and the APP will find your Grandma's "Life Soundtrack!"
It's fun to create and edit lists your elders love!  
A world of conversation and connection awaits!!!
Please write down or record their stories and share them with us!

Here is a Tutorial for the APP:


Why not share your inspiration and organize a community screening of "Alive Inside?"


Alive Inside "Memory Players - Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett created an easy, cordless and inexpensive way for you and your elders to listen to their music.  This is the only All-in-One music player in the world that two people can listen to at the same time!! 
Click Here to purchase
Click Here for instructions.

Here is a fan-made tutorial for the "Memory Players"


How Do I find Grandma's "Memory" Music?

To jog the memories of Elders in their 70's and younger-  try the Nostalgia Machine

KeepVid Music is a great program that lets you download music for personal use from Youtube.
Here is a quick KeepVid Music tutorial.

Our favorite song hunting resource is Wikipedia!!!

Music and Memory has a nice downloadable PDF on finding music for elders.

World Music Charts is another great music data resource- they can help you answer-


Cost is a huge hurdle for many elders and their families.  Some families spend their whole life savings caring for an elder.  Director, Michael Rossato-Bennett's goal in designing the "Memory Player" Headphones" was to create a high quality, low cost All-In-One player that could be given away FREE to elders without means living at home with Alzheimer's dementia!

Thanks to AIF sponsors and donors these headphones are available for FREE to elders without means. If you want to underwrite the cost of a "Memory Player" you can do so here.

To encourage youth involvement, the Alive Inside Headphone Prize rewards kids who help elders.


how to learn from this journey

The Alive Inside "School of Live" Page has resources to help you prepare for your journey.

The Alive Inside Empathy Revolution wants you wake yourself, your community and your Elders!

Teachers can teach from the film, "Alive Inside" by using our Teacher Toolkit!

Church Leaders can find Resources for screening, "Alive Inside" here.


resources we love-

The Ten Absolutes - The best advice on interacting with someone living with Dementia!

Memory box!  is a smartphone application that we love. Commissioned by the Queen of Sweden, it aims to serve as a memory aid and a conversation inspiration to support relatives and caregivers of elderly and those suffering from dementia. It contains visual, musical and written tips for conversations and memory support of famous events and topics during the 20th century.

Memory Bridge founded by the visionary Michael Verde, like AIF, creates programs to connect people with dementia to family, friends, and other people in their local community. They also create programs that reveal to the general public the depths of memory that dementia does not erase.  AIF is thrilled to be their partners.

Missing Links Project is a series of interactive media programs designed to reignite lost memories in those afflicted with early stages of dementia. The programs contain clips of songs, TV shows, sports, historical and movie events organized by year. The specially-prepared User’s Guides encourage active participation between the caregiver or youth volunteer and patient. AIF uses Missing Links in its educational guides for youth.

Creative Caregiving Guide is an amazing resource from our friends at The National Center for Creative Aging.  Using any available computer, tablet, or smartphone you can learn, experience, and share vibrant, research-based creative caregiving exercises to help you and your care partner flourish through the art of caregiving - all from the convenience of your own home, office, support network, or care setting. Here is a great video explaining the guide:

Talking Point is the Alzheimer’s Society online support and discussion forum app. It provides instant access to their discussion forum so someone living with dementia or their carer can seek advice about anything, share information, learn from others experiences and join in the discussion.

Legacy Stories is a wonderful App.  It lets you to record an elders voice reminiscing over an old photograph.   One of our team uses it with her Mom....its awesome!  It is another great way for kids to connect with elders at home!

My House of Memories is a free app that allows you to explore objects from the past and share memories together. It can be used by anyone, but has been designed for, and with, people living with dementia and their carers.

Book of You is a fantastic interactive book app that uses the benefits of reminiscence therapy to create a personal life story of someone living with dementia, by capturing the precious moments that make up their lives and who they are.

GreyMatters is a tablet application that aims to improve quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers. Through an interactive life storybook, paired with music and games, the app helps patients and families preserve yesterday's memories, as well as share today's joyful moments.

Clevermind is an app specifically designed for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. This app includes cognitive training tools such as games and puzzles, as well as food and nutrition tools, medical information and social networking abilities.