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The film 'Alive Inside,' was instrumental in changing eldercare worldwide, and showed how
Music, Relationship, and Empathy can transform the end of life.   
Today over 10,000 institutions and millions of caregivers give memory music to elders
living with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

We have another amazing story to share-

Before Covid hit we were working on a follow-up film that we believed would have an even bigger impact called, 'Alive Inside Together.'
We expected the new film to bring together two broken institutions- public education, and eldercare, and transform both.
We expected the new film to surpass what we accomplished with the first film.

Here is what the second film was about-

Tony Fisher and Michael Rossato-Bennett, called their idea: Alive Inside Together
They imagined using eldercare centers and elders as a teaching tool and this would benefit everyone. 
Starting with one private school they eventually expanded to 13 schools,
bringing 400-600 students into Healdsburg Senior Living each month. 
The students shared music and life with the elders and both bloomed. 
The teachers found freedom in teaching using the elders as curriculum,
the students found purpose in changing an elder's life, and the institution bloomed financially and emotionally. 

What happened was transformative for everyone!

Students, from kindergarten to college, participated
in teacher-led, curriculum-based learning.

Michael began making a sequel film called, 'Alive Inside: Together.' 

They believed the new film would inspire people just like 'Alive Inside' did and would transform eldercare and public schools nationwide. 

Then Covid-19 hit. 

It was an incomprehensible disaster. It shut us down.  Overnight the entire idea and 5 years of work became impossible.
The idea of bringing Youth and Elders together became unthinkable.  Everything stopped.   -MRB

Of course, Michael and Tony were disappointed. Healdsburg Senior Living went back to being a normal nursing home.

But there is a silver lining, Covid taught us all the cost of lonliness and isolation.  Now, we have new partners and are building new pilot communities in California and Connecticut.  It is going to be beautiful!  -MRB

If you want to join the team please let us know. We want to do this in a grassroots manner, and have a movement in place when the new film comes out.
If you want to be a partner in this development write [email protected] and become "Alive Inside Together Certified!"

We all deserve to Thrive!

To hear Director Michael Rossato-Bennett explain the vision at the Milken Conference click below.

'Music and the Brain' session at the Milken Conference
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