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This has been a long journey. 

A solution that arises out of a problem. First of all elder care and especially memory care is very expensive. 
Often, it places a life-destroying time and financial burden on families and caregivers.
Putting someone into memory care in many cases destroys families.

Let me be a little clearer on that,
Medicaid cannot pay until you have run through your life savings.
And so many elders begin the process of pauperizing themselves. They put their elder in memory care
for as long as their savings can hold out, and then they go on Medicaid.


When we made the film Alive Inside, we saw how one simple thing can make someone who is lost feel Alive Inside.
So that made us ask the question, what if they were a way to keep an elder at home and not destroy your life?
A way to not turn yourself into a 24/7 caregiver?

Here’s a video of an Adult Daycare Center in North Carolina that I visited.


Instantly, you can see how this is an amazing idea.
You drop your elder off in the morning and then you have at least eight hours of freedom. Then you pick them up at night
and you bring them home with you. this usually costs under $2000 a month as opposed to $10-$15,000 a month for memory care.
This is doable. A group of family members can afford this cost.
It also prevents the government from having to take care of these elders and this cumulatively saves our society billions of dollars a year.


This made the Alive Inside team ask the question, 'What if you could make a Center where everyone thrived, the families, the elders, the staff, the town?'



This is what we’re trying to do.
Maisie Shannon-Bowe and Christine Tucker-Elder are leading the charge to build our Pilot Thrive Center.

Led by amazing souls, supported by an amazing town and community, and made as a beacon on the hill, as an example of what can be done.
The model we are creating is a NEW and UNIQUE concept that takes the idea of an adult day center, and adds new and exciting enrichment,
and town involvement programs, the Alive Inside core beliefs of music and youth integration and the resources, tools, support, and guidance f
or families to help from pre-diagnosis education all the way through the compassionate departure of their loved one.


Come help us.
We’re making heaven on earth for those that need it the most.
We would love for you to be a part of the journey with us.

We will share the results of this project in our Sequel film, 'Alive Inside Together.' 

If you would like to help build this Pilot Thrive Center, please click HERE.
There are many ways you can contribute.
We thank you in advance for your support.

If you would like additional information, please reach out to our Co-Executive Director, Maisie Shannon-Bowe at:
860-510-2581 or [email protected]



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