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This is a solution that arises out of a problem. Elder care and memory care are very expensive. 
Often, it places a life-destroying burden on families and caregivers.


Medicaid cannot pay until you have run through your life savings.
And so many elders begin a process of pauperizing themselves. The elder stays in memory care 
as long as their savings hold out, and then they go on Medicaid.


The film Alive Inside, showed how music can make someone feel Alive Inside.
So, what if they were a way to keep an elder at home and not destroy your life,
a way not to become a 24/7 caregiver?

Here’s a video of an Adult Daycare Center in North Carolina that I visited.


You can see how this is an amazing idea.
You drop your elder off in the morning and then you have eight hours of freedom.
Then you pick them up at night and bring them home.
This solution costs under $2000 a month as opposed to $10-$20,000 a month for memory care.
This is doable. A family can afford this cost.
It saves our society billions of dollars a year.


What if you made a Center where everyone thrived, the families, the elders, the staff, and the town?



This is what we’re trying to do.

Maisie Shannon-Bowe and Christine Tucker-Elder are leading the charge to build a Pilot Thrive Center.
The model is a NEW and UNIQUE concept that takes an adult day center and adds enrichment, 
town involvement, Alive Inside music, and youth integration.


We want to make heaven on earth for those that need it most.
We would love for you to be on this journey with us.

This project will be featured in our Sequel film, 'Alive Inside Together.' 

If you would like to help build a Thrive Center, please click HERE.
There are many ways you can contribute.
We thank you in advance for your support.

If you would like additional information, please reach out to our Community Engagement Director, Maisie Shannon-Bowe at:
860-510-2581 or [email protected]



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