Bernadette's Empathy Revolution

Bernadette is a University professor and musician in Mexico City.  She used the FREE Alive Inside tools to start her own Empathy Revolution with her students.  We believe the practice of connecting with elders should be part of every youth's education.  This is one of the core ideas behind the Alive Inside Comm-University.

Student Testimonials from Mexico City


“This Practice helped me understand it is important to help the elderly remember good things and get away, a little bit, from their complicated situation. The experience has been amazing. I've seen my elder excited to hear songs that relate to her, her father, or her brother, (who are no longer alive.) Through these memories that the songs spark, we have been able to work, to dig a little bit deeper, in such a way that we are able to resolve unresolved issues or at least try to. I leave with a very happy experience, very happy to be able to help them in this way. I would like this to be extended because it can help all the elderly at some point in their life”.

Juan Carlos Blancafort Heredia, Psychology student, Mexico 

I have witnessed a miracle.
Although she has a terrifying background history when she was a child, she didn't let that stop her. She's the most resilient person I know.  Alive Inside has also given me strength I need in my own life.

I dream someday the conception of people who have Alzheimer's as annoying or distant can be eradicated and that people can realize that they are people who have yet a lot to enjoy in life.

Being part of ALIVE INSIDE I have realized that a person, like my elder, who was tremendously closed, who did not talk to anyone, who was very aggressive, when given music, could dance, sing and be open with me. 
This is an experience I would never have had if not for ALIVE INSIDE. I am very grateful to ALIVE INSIDE and Bernadette, the teacher, for doing this empathy revoloution Mexico."

- Andrea Marian Bottle Leon, Mexico

“My experience in ALIVE INSIDE has been one of personal growth. Actually, I was not sure of working with this population but I have learned a lot and grown a lot as a person. I've changed my ideas and stereotypes. It is amazing to see how a person who is very deteriorated, while listening to music, can hear moments of their youth, their childhood."

Lucia Fragoso Carrizosa, Mexico

“I want to thank ALIVE INSIDE. It has been so great, so full of opportunities to enrich me as a person, as a student of psychology and above all, to work with people, who teach you something, who teach you about the areas of life you have not lived.
It is an honor to work with people so pleasant, so keen to live, despite the fact that they have had bad experiences.

The truth is, I will not lie, I will not say that this experience has been easy, I have felt so many feelings, from happiness, to frustration, to courage, but happiness predominates. It has been an experience that has built me, made me grow, and taught me that life has more important things in it than we think”.

Paulina Gonzalez Luna Ruiz, Mexico

“In this practice I see how music can help a person, with illness, to remember moments they normally can not remember. My elder, has a type of dementia but when I put a mariachi song that her mother played for her when she was 12 years old, she started to move. I could see she remembered the moments she had with the mariachis”.

Andrea Gonzalez Marquez, Mexico

"My experience in this practice has been very shocking - I had no idea music could change the quality of elders´ lives.  We observed old people who did not speak, or had lost their memory, or could not relate with other people start to remember the songs they sang and how they danced in their youth. They recognized the singers and remembered how happy they were at that stage in their lives.  I am very grateful for this practice and the opportunity to help elders, to change their lives when they are still alive.

I have changed a lot with the work we have done with these elders and the ALIVE INSIDE ideas. I was very afraid to work with elders but seeing music change them so much, motivated me. I would like to work more with elders and believe that this idea should be extended to the whole world. I feel very fortunate to be part of the ALIVE INSIDE Empathy Revolution in Mexico. 

Camila Ibarra Robles, Mexico

"At the beginning she did not remember any songs. Now, she remembers songs and asks me to give them to her. At the beginning, she did not sing, she listened, but she did not sing.  Now, she have been listening to the songs she liked every week; she has improved her memory, remembering the pieces and enjoying them, both the lyrics and the melody. Now, she talks more. We have a very good bond. Since the practice started, I have had comments from the nurses, from the people who help her, very positive. This has changed her, I think she has been improving her life.

Every time I arrive she says, "I´m waiting for the person that comes to visit me every 8 days". That phrase always makes me feel good, since she is almost 100 years old and does not remember much. Now she remembers that every Tuesday “someone” is going to visit her and listen to music with her.

ALIVE INSIDE has been a new experience for me. Although I have a very good relationship with my grandparents, I have never had relationships with other older people. This has changed me. Rosita and I, although we are not from the same time, share songs. There are songs that bring me memories of my grandparents and this is something we share. Somehow we both enjoy this and learn something from it."

- Andrea Muciño Agis Maria, Mexico