AliveInside.Org wants to change the world for young and old.

We changed the world once.
We inspired people to bring music to millions of elders and make them feel Alive Inside!

Today, too many people feel Dead Inside, in Eldercare, in schools, and in life. We need to change that. 
We need to change the way we live.  We need to be Alive Inside Together.
We need to Thrive together.

It's time to disrupt Eldercare again. We can do it!  We did it once! Together we have the wisdom!

Will you help us?  Can you help us all Thrive?

On the smallest level, our volunteers want to help your elders Thrive, by giving them their music.
We want to give them something that wakes their heart!


Here are some simple and moving ways to join this mission- 


Give a Memory Player to an Elder

Volunteer to help an Elder with a Memory Player

Learn how to be Alive Inside and Thrive 

Nominate Angels that deserve recognition!



Help us create the Alive Inside Thrive Centers!

Help us create Alive Inside Together Communities!


Help us create Alive Inside Tech

Support our Sequel film!

Support our Mission


Thank you for all you do,

The Alive Inside Team
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