change OUR SHARED future!

Making "Alive Inside" we saw many discarded elders,
we felt their loneliness and disconnection,
but following the magic of Music and Human Connection, 
we go to experience what it feels like to wake another human being.

It's a good feeling.

Loneliness is a huge problem in the modern world;
technology is changing us and
young people are turning away from the ancient human skills that got us here.

Disconnection is a hole in the center of our hearts.
Our commerce and paradigm
is destroying life on the planet.

We think it makes us safe.
We are wrong.

We all feel love,
so why this epidemic of disconnection? 
Why are there millions of lost kids?
Why do 40% of the general population report loneliness as a major problem?
Why is our way of living destroying life? (We have lost 50% of earths species in the last 40 years.)

We need to change in a deep way.

Music, Art, Mortality and Human Connection are great teachers.
Our elders can teach us, even if they have dementia.  
But we must learn to seek what they can teach.
This is the magic behind the Comm-University idea.

Spend time with an Elder.
Find them their music.
Hear their stories.
Heal the hole in the center of your heart.
Re-connect with LIFE.


Tools to help you start YOUR 'EMPATHY REVOLUTION'

Educational materials

The "Empathy Revolution Mini-Guide" - Created by our community for yours, it's all you need to spark your own Empathy Revolution!  Learn how to change life for forgotten elders. Learn how to expand your empathy skills and become a partner with Life Itself!  Our FREE, community-created resources are constantly growing.

This path is a very kind path. It helps our elders, our youth and our communities.  The guide will help your community understand aging, dementia, music, the brain, and the power of music and connection.

Together, we can impact an epidemic of disconnection and turn aging, education and eldercare on it's head!

Included are tools to do-

  • Community Screenings of "Alive Inside" and other empathy waking films (and workshops).
  • Experiential Exercises that help youth fight the "empathy deficit" sweeping modern life,
    regain the "human and self connection skills" many youth are losing.
  • Experiential Exercises that let youth "walk a mile in the shoes" of elders and grow their empathy and emotional intelligence skills.
  • Self Discovery practices- Mindfulness, Music Education, Field Awareness and Purpose Development.

It is time to stop treating elders, kids and the planet as "things!"  
It is time for us to learn how to "be with" LIFE itself!  

The Alive Inside APP - This FREE tool helps you find music for your elders.
As shown in "Alive Inside" music, movies, and stories from childhood restore "aliveness" in those living with Alzheimer's disease. This is a simple and magic gift from our brains and is such a blessing. 
We all get old.
Everyone needs a list of the music that touches their emotions and memory! 
To help, we developed the Alive Inside APP!
Did we mention it is FREE?
We challenge you to find Grandma, Mom, and Dad, their "Alive Inside" music!  
It's fun!
Use the Alive Inside APP!
When you are done- store the Song-lists in the 'Alive Inside Memory Bank.'
They will be there for your family- forever!

Music has great gifts.
We underestimate it.
Music is the way we share with each other, without words, the wisdom of being alive!  

Elders understand being alive.
There are things you can learn from them!

Screening Guides for Teachers - Teachers, screen "Alive Inside" and use the Teacher Toolkit / Viewing Guide

Alive Inside @ Home- Do you know an elder living with dementia without means- let us know!
Our generous donors have donated a limited number of "All-in-One Memory Players" for them.  
It is our dream to give One Million "Memory Players" to One Million lonely elders living at home.

Volunteers -- We need you!  

AIF does not provide institutional solutions.  
AIF is sparking an "Empathy Revolution,"
turning youth education and eldercare on it's head,
expanding empathy,
healing the loneliness and disconnection so many feel,
and helping youth reach out to the 4 million elders living at home with Alzheimer's.

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