HELP US Inspire a million youth
to reach a million elders
And change OUR SHARED future!

Making "Alive Inside" opened our eyes to the power Music and Connection have
to awaken disconnected souls.
We experienced something magical-  
the ancient Practice of-
youth sitting before their elders, (even those with cognitive challenges,) 
sharing music, art, story and 'awakening!'  

Anthropologists have observed technology is changing us,
young people today are losing some of the ancient human connection skills that made us what we are.
The wisdom of aging is out of fashion and foolishly being discarded.

We can change this! Everything you need is in you already- we are hardwired for empathy and connection!

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Kids, teachers, community volunteers, caregivers, and concerned citizens- we feel your love and light! We invite you to use our Free, community-created tools and educational resources to explore the Practice of sharing music, art and human connection!

We all feel love,
so why we are living through an epidemic of disconnection? 
Today, there are millions of lost kids,
and 40% of the general population reports loneliness as a major problem.  

This tells us we need to change in a deep way.

We believe Music, Art, Mortality and Human Connection are our greatest teachers.
We believe profound learning happens between the generations,
especially when one awakens life in someone in need.  

Our elders can teach us, even if they have dementia.  
But we must learn to seek what they can teach.
This is the magic behind the Comm-University idea.

What "Alive Inside" shows us is the pleasure of "awakening," 
making the film, our hearts bloomed.
We want your heart to bloom too!
You are the experts- we are all experts in music and the light that can fill our lives!

Join us!  

Click here to see youth Using AIF educational materials- and waking LIFE!

(Clips from our next film - 'Alive Inside 2')



Educational materials

The "Empathy Revolution Mini-Guide" - Created by our community for you, its all you need to spark your own Empathy Revolution!  These Free community-created resources and Practices are constantly growing and help your community understand aging, dementia, music, the brain, and the power of music and connection.  The guide impacts an epidemic of disconnection by offering new ways to think about aging, safety and eldercare.

Included are tools to do-

  • Community Screenings of "Alive Inside" and other inspiring films.
  • Experiential Exercises that help youth fight the "empathy deficit" sweeping modern life.  
    These exercises help youth regain "human and self connection skills" that many youth are losing.
  • Experiential Exercises to help youth "walk a mile in the shoes" of elders and grow empathy and emotional intelligence skills.
  • Self Discovery practices- Mindfulness, Music Education, and Field Awareness and Purpose Development.
  • "Memory Player" and The Alive Inside APP Training.

It is time to stop treating our elders, our kids and our planet as "things!"  
It's time to re-learn how to "listen to" and be "with" life itself again!  
AIF wants to help you take this journey of transformation! 

The Alive Inside APP - As shown in "Alive Inside," music, movies, and stories from childhood restore "aliveness" in those living with Alzheimer's disease. This simple gift is such a blessing. 
We all get old. "Alive Inside" illustrates why everyone should make a list of the music they love! 
To help you, we developed the free- Alive Inside APP!
Nothing feels better than finding someone the music of their youth.  
Go find your grandma's, your parent's or your own "Alive Inside" music!  It is fun!

Music and Empathy are containers for deep human wisdom.
Many want to use Music as a "medical solution." Music is not a "drug."  This is another misguided panacea for the problems of eldercare.  We must think deeper.  

Music is a language.  It is the way we talk to each other, without words, about being alive!  
If we see our elders and ourselves as "Alive Inside" we can fix American nursing homes.
We are working on this!

Screening Guides for Teachers - Teachers can screen "Alive Inside" and use the Teacher Toolkit and Viewing Guide

Alive Inside @ Home- If you know an elder living with dementia who is without means- let us know!
Why not help an Elder? Our generous donors have donated a limited number of "All-in-One Memory Players" for them.  It is our dream to give One Million "Memory Players" to One Million lonely elders living at home.


Volunteers - kids who love music and elders- We need you!  

AIF does not work in institutions.  AIF educates youth to help the 4 million elders living at home with Alzheimer's here in the US.

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