The documentary "Alive Inside," partially funded by The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, followed numerous visionaries in Health Care, including Dan Cohen, director of the non-profit organization Music & Memory.  Since the film's release and resulting publicity, Music & Memory has expanded it's institutional implementation of iPods from 56 nursing homes to over 3000 nursing homes.  "Alive Inside" is thrilled to be part of the success of Music and Memory.  The Alive Inside Foundation is not involved in institutional implementation of iPods, does not serve the Healthcare market and has an entirely different mission than Music & Memory.  Nursing Homes interested in implementing iPod programs can contact Music and Memory here.

The Alive Inside Foundation, and the filmmakers behind "Alive Inside" believe we must change life for elders living with dementia, and change the way we communally experience life, connection and aging. The Alive Inside Foundation teaches the themes in the documentary 'Alive Inside,' and creates and distributes educational materials, technology and inter-generational practices designed to foster an Empathy Revolution.  All our tools are open-source in their creation and distribution and serve our youth, the 46 million elders living with Alzheimer's disease globally, and in a very real way- all of us.  "Individualized music," or "Personalized music" are just 'medicalized' words for 'the music we love.'  The music we love is in everyone and has always had great power to ignite empathy and connection. Any Educator, School Administrator, Community Youth Group Leader, or Volunteer deeply passionate about using music and empathy as tools to change the way we see and face our world, please sign up here.