The documentary "Alive Inside," partially funded by The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, followed numerous visionaries in Health Care, including Dan Cohen, director of the non-profit organization Music & Memory.  Since the film's release and resulting publicity, Music & Memory has expanded it's institutional implementation of iPods from 56 nursing homes to over 3000 nursing homes.  "Alive Inside" is thrilled to be part of the success of Music and Memory.  It should be noted that in the film "Alive Inside" M&M is the entity depicted in the Film doing the "Personalized Music Implementation."  However, also depicted in the film is "Personalized Music implementation" done independently by some of the elders living at home. M&M was not involved in the "Personalized Music" expression depicted in the music venues, community dances, tribal celebrations, or in the in utero examples of music's effect on humans.

It should also be noted that The Alive Inside Foundation is not involved in institutional implementation of iPods, does not serve the Healthcare market with iPods and has an entirely different mission than Music & Memory.  Nursing Homes interested in implementing iPod programs may contact Music and Memory here.

The Alive Inside Foundation, and the filmmakers behind "Alive Inside" are working to change Eldercare, and the ways we experience life, connection and aging. Building on the themes presented in 'Alive Inside," AIF believes the time has come to turn Eldercare on its head. We are not interested in music as an intervention.  We are creating are creating tools, education and interventions designed to serve our youth, the 46 million elders living with Alzheimer's disease globally, and all of us.  To that end, all our tools are created and distributed in an open-source manner.  AIF believes Music and human connection have more to teach us than we culturally or institutionally allow. Music, story and the arts have been primary human teachers and social organizers since the dawn of human evolution, working to ignite empathy, community and connection. By following the wisdom of Music, youth and Elders living with dementia, AIF is discovering new visions for Eldercare and Youth Education.  Too long have we accepted human disconnection as a way life. We must change for the sake of our elders, our youth and ourselves.

If you are an Educator, School Administrator, Community Leader, Musican, or Volunteer deeply passionate about music, empathy and changing the world and changing Eldercare- please sign up here.