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The film "Alive Inside" touched a million hearts and showed how music and empathy can improve life for those living with Alzheimer's and also challenge us to rethink how we connect and age.

Split and working families, the decline of faith based culture, the disconnects technology brings have created a culture where self involvement seems more important than serving or connecting with others.  Humans seek connection. In connection we find the meaning we need to fill our souls. 

By teaching children empathy – by helping those in need, our Movement bridges an educational gap. This is education our families, communities, and churches used to provide but don't seem able to do any more. What we can learn sitting with elders living with dementia we call our Empathy Revolution. We want you to create an Empathy Revolution in your community- Together, we can change the hearts and minds of a generation and create a more caring world. 

If youre interested in being part of this Movement, in helping us create this open-source Empathy education experiment, complete the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Help us all be more- "Alive Inside."  

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WE ARE "alive inside" with you-

Oliver Sacks          Bobby McFerrin         Dr. Bill Thomas         Marcy Playground
Norman Hardie     Dr. Connie Tomiano    Robin Glazer             John Wozniack
Itaal Shur             Samite Molundo         Ira Dean                    Brother Trouble     
Doug Thompson   Beverly Lauter            Regina Kulick            Geralyn Dreyfus
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Terri Bullock         Manuel Tsingaris        David Zeiff                Blaze Monaco
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