OUR Educational toolS

  • The Alive Inside APP

How do you connect the young and old when the generations don't know each other's music?  That question really bugged us!  Finally, we created cracked the code and created the Alive Inside APP. This free, educational gift to the world, helps you find and store the soundtrack of your life or an Elder's life.  Kids, caregivers, family members, and volunteers can easily assemble the soundtrack of someone’s life. Try it out and Let us know what you think! 


  • "Memory Player" HEADPHONES

    Cost is a huge hurdle for many elders living at home with dementia. Some can not afford an iPod and iTunes. Director, Michael Rossato-Bennett's goal in designing the "Memory Player" Headphones was to create a high quality, low cost solution that can be given away FREE to elders without means living with Alzheimer's dementia at home!  Thanks to our sponsors and donors these are available to those without means. Also, to encourage youth involvement we have created the Alive Inside Headphone Prize  to reward kids who help elders.


  • The "enliven" eeg system

What if you had a "window" into the mind of an elder living with dementia? What if you could "see" how they are reacting to their music, even if they can not communicate? We are developing an EEG cap that allows caregivers to "see" how the music is affecting their elders. Stay tuned for more developments.



The true gift of our work is expanded human connection.  We see our current path leading to more disconnection. We want to encourage those good souls among us to be good community elders and teachers and teach what has been forgotten.  We are not delivering personalized music to elders in nursing homes- Music and Memory is doing that.  Instead through our educational outreach we are inspiring a world wide Empathy Revolution, supporting youth and communities by offering open-source tools to challenge students to build empathy through once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Our educational materials includes experiential empathy exercises, and training on how to interact with elders.  To deepen your own journey visit The Alive Inside / School of Life page.  


Our work is to wake and support entire communities! We are creating ways for families, schools, universities, and volunteer groups to take action and share their stories and learnings. It is our dream to change Eldercare in America- join us in transforming Eldercare from Elder-storage to Elder-Education!   #AliveInsideStories


    Alive Inside 2!” is our follow up feature documentary and outreach campaign. One of our ambitions is to stop the overuse of Antipsychotic Medication on elders.  The new film investigates how human connection and Music can drastically reduce the need for these terrible drugs.  It also looks at why we use them in the first place.