“What are we humans listening to?”  

We are obviously listening to something strange-  Look at our results- Global warming, wars, plastic in our bloodstream, and turning the epic beauty that was Florida into a strip mall.

It is a deep question- “What are we listening to?”

Why not intervals?

As we age it is very important to challenge the plasticity of our brains.  It turns out our brains can recover from minor neuron death if the plasticity of the brain is challenged quickly after an injury- there is a window to recover brain functionality.  This is a wonderful fact. The trick is - do what you are bad at and let your brain’s plasticity do its work.  If your balance is bad- practice balance. If your handwriting is bad- practice handwriting.  I am bad at musical intervals. Really bad, so I've decided to work on this and I have now stopped playing Sudoku and am working on musical interval recognition.  

Try this amazing free App called Functional-Ear Trainer.  It is wonderful.
(Of course you should also try the free Alive Inside App too, and find music for all the elders in your life, but that’s for another day!)

All western music is based on Intervals. Download this app and try to improve your ability to recognize them. You will be amazed at how bad you are at it!  However, 10 minutes a day for a month, will change your mind and improve your ukulele playing.

I would love to know if you are as engaged by this practice as I am?

Michael Rosatto-Bennett

Director- Alive Inside
Executive Director- The Alive Inside Foundation


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