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Empathy has been going down world wide for decades.
Both young and old are suffering an epidemic of disconnection.
Music is a blessing for Dementia.
Music brings back memory, connection, aliveness, and joy!

Combine Music with the energy of Youth and the wisdom of Human connection-
Then we change a million lives! 
We have Free Tools, Inspiration and Joy just waiting for you!
You are the Empathy Revolution.

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We ARE with you....

Oliver Sacks                Bobby McFerrin                  Dr. Bill Thomas                   The Lumineers
Norman Hardie      Dr. Connie Tomiano           Robin Glazer                        Ira Dean
Itaal Shur                    Samite Molundo                  The Polar Music Awards  The Grammy Foundation                             
Doug Thompson        Beverly Lauter                      Regina Kulick                      Chideo
Doug Pray                  Tommy Silverman                Slash                                    Brother Trouble
Terri Bullock              Manuel Tsingaris                  Max Martin                         SMC Foundation