Inspired by Alive Inside

Many are inspired by the film our Empathy Revolution


We get many beautiful letters every day-  here are just a few-

I am a 16 year old Boy Scout who working towards being an Eagle Scout. I am thinking of using this as the centerpeice of my project to be an Eagle Scout. Here are some of my ideas (a) Sponsor a movie night at our local library to show the movie and help raise awareness (b) Possibly use your teaching materials to lead a follow up session in our community (c) Organize some fund raising as part of this movie night or other events, for either the local efforts or overall charity (d) Organize a group of fellow scouts and youths locally to bring their elders their personal music...   -A

I watched the "Alive Inside" documentary and was very moved. I have had family members in nursing homes and its very depressing. I can see how sharing music and spending time with people can make a huge difference.  - D



Itaal Shur the composer of "Alive Inside" wrote this beautiful song for the film- but it never got used!

a note:

My mother died of Alzheimer's disease. It was horrible.
If I had known how to help her with music it would have made such a difference. Many old timers like me, at 65, watch a lot of movies etc. but we leave our music out. I notice when I listen to music it brings back certain memories long forgotten.

When I watched your movie I could not stop crying. Tears streamed down my face continuing throughout the film and when it was over I realized you are really on to something so fantastic, that I must be a part of it.

I live in a senior trailer park and many of us who are alone with no children and no visitors to hang out with suffer greatly. I want to be a part of this movement of yours. Please let me be of some help some way as we here in this senior community trailer park and around Sacramento need it desperately and are succumbing to dementia in many instances. God bless you for the work you are doing. I have never had a movie affect me in a greater way than the movie you made. I watched it on Netflix and immediately called my sister. She is going to watch it also. So, please let me know what I can do to get involved with this tremendously important project. You are a great person and if anyone makes it to a place called heaven it will be someone like you. God Bless you and keep the faith. This is the biggest breakthrough in science I have seen yet!

Nashville Recording artist Griffin House saw "Alive Inside" and was so inspired he wrote this song- he recorded it with the kids from Lakehouse Music in N.J.