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A message from Michael Rosatto-Bennett

Director of 'Alive Inside'

Founder of the Alive Inside Foundation

When we embarked on the first film, we never anticipated the response or the number of lives that it could change. The film showed how Music, Relationship, and Empathy can transform the end of life, and was instrumental in changing eldercare worldwide. 

Today over 10,000 institutions and millions of caregivers give memory music to elders living with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

That success made us want to do more.  We decided to bring youth and elders together. The Alive Inside Together pilot at Healdsburg Senior Living started with one private school and eventually expanded to 13 schools, bringing 400-600 students into the center each month. 
The students shared music and life with the elders, and everyone bloomed.  The teachers found freedom using elders as an educational resource, the students found purpose in changing an elders' life, and the institution bloomed financially and emotionally, with full occupancy and an 18-month waitlist.

Unfortunately, COVID hit, and all our hard work was halted. 

Overnight, 5 years of work disappeared, bringing Youth and Elders together became unthinkable.

Now, we realize this was a blessing in disguise, because now, all of you understand the pain of isolation and loneliness that our elders felt. 

This ignited a bigger dream- not only should elders thrive, but students and those that care for both as well.

We are hoping you join this larger mission and partner with us to develop and implement this dream.
We are creating a second film documenting our joint efforts and proving we can all be more Alive Inside.

Thank you for all you do,

Michael Rossato-Bennett   











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