The Alive Inside Project
Human Service Learning Guide

The Alive Inside Project is an educational program that teaches youth about the primary themes as viewed in our 2014 Sundance Award Winning documentary Alive Inside.

At the Alive Inside Foundation, our focus is creating an intergenerational transformation in communities throughout the world, bringing both youth and elders out of their isolation and uniting them to awaken minds, share wisdom and spark aliveness through connection, empathy, and education.  To accomplish this, we designed the Alive Inside Project to be a first of its kind program to provide schools, youth groups and community volunteers with all of the tools they need to bring the generations together.

One of the most important of these tools is our HUMAN SERVICE LEARNING GUIDE.  This comprehensive document helps teachers and other adult facilitators to provide students with a deep understanding of aging, dementia, music and the brain.  Our experiential exercises help youth "walk a mile in the shoes" of the elders they are helping.   The guide can help program leaders every step of the way.  It provides expert advice on recruiting youth into the program; training them in empathy, understanding, and compassion; facilitating the interactions of youth with the people whom they choose to share their music; and maintaining and recording a sense of community engagement and accomplishment.  The guide also provides “best practice” common sense advice taken from our 17 successful pilot programs on a variety of topics, such as scheduling, logistics, turnover, and evaluation.  

Making "Alive Inside," we saw the pitfalls of institutional thinking- of doing "to" or "for" elders.  So the HUMAN SERVICE LEARNING GUIDE includes many fun, hands-on learning experiences that will stimulate youth to explore their own feelings and ideas about aging, while keeping them engaged and interested.  The youth of your community will learn to do “with” elders – a revolutionary new concept in community engagement and service learning.

To transform YOUR community into an Alive Inside Community and unite youth and elders in a bond of love, wisdom and compassion, order your Alive Inside Project Starter Kit here.  Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin working with schools or youth groups in your community:  


  • The Alive Inside Project Educator Toolkit