These headphones allow you to play MP3 or WAV music stored on a microSD card that is contained inside the Headphones.
They are light, high quality and inexpensive.  Michael Rossato-Bennett created them so two people could listen to music at the same time.  He wanted something that could be used for our educational courses, and be so inexpensive anyone could afford to give them to an elder in need.  

Step 1- To Charge headphones- plug into computer USB port or wall-wart- When charged, Light goes off.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 4.38.06 PM.png

Step 2- To create a playlist for your elder try using the The Alive Inside App -

Step 3- To load music onto the headphones from your personal computer-  (View this Fan Made Tutorial!)

  • Plug the headphones into your computer USB port and turn the headset ON.  
    • The SD card will appear in your computer as a drive- (NO NAME).
    • Or Load using a card reader  (this can be much faster)
    • If the Headphones are not being recognized by your computer try to switch the USB port or use a card reader. This fixes the non- recognition problem.
  • Load files to SD card with iTunes (must be MP3), or from computer, or use KeepVid Music
  • If microSD card with music is inserted - and POWER is switched ON, the music will play in order.
    • Arrows --> allow you to skip songs,
    • + & - raises or lowers volume.

The Alive Inside Splitter was developed to make music finding and listening a SHARED experience.  
Plug the Splitter into your Smartphone and use the Alive Inside App and headphones at the same time.


"Making “Alive Inside,” fed my soul. When I asked middle school kids to bring music and life to the elders what happened surprised me. I saw young souls fill with purpose. I saw youth exhibit skills no one thought they had.  I was filled with hope- creating Empathy in our next generation, and aliveness in the last became my mission. Music and Human Connection, can lead us to safety!

Join us! Lets help our youth, millions of elders living at home with Alzheimer’s and ourselves!  We are all part of this Awakening of Life!" 

Michael Rossato-Bennett
Director of “Alive Inside” & The Alive Inside Foundation