What is the Alive Inside Foundation?

  • The Alive Inside Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to expanding human connection and cultivating empathy through education, music and film. We inspire, educate and empower communities to create meaningful, shared experiences that bring the generations together, awaken memories, wisdom and aliveness.  To aid in this mission we have developed technologies like The Alive Inside App, the Enliven EEG Headset, and educational materials like the Alive Inside Human Service Learning / Film Guide, to inspire others to expand and empower human connection.

What is the Alive Inside Empathy Revolution?

  • The Alive Inside Empathy Revolution is a transformational and experiential educational outreach. It is designed to work with "Alive Inside" the film, to inspire and empowers others to take on Intergenerational Human Service Learning Projects in their communities.  The dream is to deepen the understanding and capabilities of our youth. Anthropologists analyzing our modern culture have determined we've lost much of our deep social skills and knowledge; knowledge central to human survival for millennium. Modern culture loves disconnection. We are supporting steps in the opposite direction.

  • The Alive Inside Empathy Revolution is meant to be deeply challenging.  We want your students to consciously embark on a transformational hero's journey. This challenge is an attempt to recover deep human wisdom, and does so by relying on the forgotten wisdom contained in our Elders and our Music.

  • We challenge children to transform the life of an adult.  We want them to go on the journey the filmmakers went on making "Alive Inside." This is not an opportunity that most kids get. Most of us run from facing the End-of -Life. We at AIF believe the End-of-life may be the greatest teacher human beings have.

  • Our curriculum ask students to expand their concept of who and what they are, and their understanding of love and communication. Our educational journey involves investigations of aging, embodied being, human connection, self-reflection, empathy, dementia awareness, and the workings of our brain and hormonal systems.  

  • Our curriculum is experiential and at times asks youth to "walk a mile in the shoes" of their elders. Eventually the youth are challenged to find an Elder, in their family or living at home in their community. They are asked to both give and receive. A project is only considered successful if the kids participating leave with the capacity to understand and value their experiences

Who does the Alive Inside Empathy Revolution educate?

  • We provide films and educational materials and tools to youth-based organizations, middle schools, high schools, universities, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, faith-based youth groups and many more!  We also work to inspire Community groups, Dementia Specialists and Alzheimer's Support groups to create their own outreach.  There are 5 million people living with Dementia.  Music and Memory has helped about 50,000.  We believe an open source solution is the only way to reach this many people.

Who are the elders?

  • We are focused on inspiring communities to make a difference for the 4 million elders living at home with Alzheimer's.  We do not reach out to senior living communities or nursing homes.  If you are a Healthcare  provider looking to implement an institutional iPod program- please contact Music & Memory directly, as this is not our area of engagement.

Is there Training?

  • Yes! We provide educational materials to the youth leaders, teachers, religious leaders and community volunteers on how to best execute the communal hero's journey called the Alive Inside Empathy Revolution. Through our work we have learned best practices, shared by community experts, that allow for successful human connection when youth place themselves before an elder with challenges.

What is provided to help me start this program with my youth?

  • We have developed and published a powerful Human Service Learning / Film Guide which includes our curriculum and experiential learning modules. We have donor funded technology that we provide as well, when we can. 

Why are you doing this?

  • Making the film, 'Alive Inside ' we saw how music has supported human connection and community throughout time.  Today, too many elders and youth stagnate through lack of connection. Many modern youth never have the opportunity to interact with elders or truly give in a substantial way. 

A tidal wave of aging is coming- it is absolutely essential to create connections between the young and old now, while the young are still young. The young will soon shoulder a huge burden, new in the history of our species. Our work is dedicated to challenging and supporting our youth to deepen their empathy and sense of purpose. This is something we believe necessary for our future.

What are the goals for 2017?

  • Over the last year we have been doing research, we tested pilot Alive Inside Empathy Revolution  in 17 US cities, successfully pairing youth with community elders. Through this we have developed educational materials, films and technology to help others transform their own communities. We have learned that when you can engage an entire community to support kids and elders, an amazing and transformational learning happens! 
  • In 2017 we will sharing with the world the Human Service Learning / Film Guide, Educator tool-kits, Charity headsets, and the Alive Inside APP! We will also finish our second "Alive Inside" film. With your help, we can change the way the world faces aging. 
  • In 2017 we will continue the 60 city "Disrupt Dementia" Tour- with Dr. Bill Thomas, sneak previewing sections of our new film, “Alive Inside 2 (too!),” and showcased our new technologies. 

Is my school, class or religious group or community is a good fit?

  • If your school has a science, history, music, or humanities teacher who is excited about introducing the film "Alive Inside" and inspired to challenge to their students, then you are a perfect fit!  
  • If you have one leader who is inspired by "Alive Inside" so much that they want to take this project on - then you are a perfect fit!  
  • If your Community or church group cares about it's elders living at home with dementia, and the humanness of their youth then you are a perfect fit!

How much time will this Empathy Revolution require?

  • For schools, the curriculum requires a minimum of one day a month for three months to view films, visit your elders, make playlists, do in-class curriculum and exercises about the brain, empathy, Alzheimer’s and aging. Our educational materials provide you with suggested activities and a complete timeline of how and when to execute them. Some examples of in-class activities include participating in a dementia sensitivity training exercise, mindfulness and music training, viewing and discussing the film Alive Inside, using The Alive Inside APP to find music and create playlists for your seniors. We provide all of this information in Human Service Learning /Film Guide and Educator’s toolkit.

What are the financial costs to be involved in this program?

  • Our goal is to have every community do a small screening /fundraiser to offset the limited educational material costs.

What should my school or Seniors expect from the Empathy Revolution?

  • Your school and elders can expect to witness a transformational experience between the youth and the elders they work with.  Everyone involved will gain a new insight into the power of music and human connection and a deeper reverence for life itself. AIF will help you tell the world how your kids, your elders and your Community joined forces and helped heal a widening generation gap and what you learned!

What are the next steps?

  • Please contact us at info@aliveinside.org. We will be happy to share with you the film,  "Alive Inside," our educational resources and help you join the Alive Inside Empathy Revolution.