Our dream - give away 1 million Headsets!

Making "Alive Inside" we discovered there are millions of elders*, living alone and many unable to leave the house.  Director, Michael Rossato-Bennett invented the "Memory Player" for them.  This is the only "All-in-One Player" that two people can listen to at the same time.  Michael wanted to create a headset that also encourages human connection.

Our plan is for every "Memory Player" sold, we will give one to an elder-in-need.

Do you know an elder with dementia without means? 
Are you willing to bring them a headset?  
Are you willing to learn what they are going through and to challenge your own empathy?

We want to help you do good! 

Just send us a video (UPLOAD HERE) that explains-

  • your elder's story, and
  • why you are moved to help, and
  • what you are learning from the process.

We will send you all you need so both of you can be more- Alive Inside!

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*About 28% (12.5 million) of noninstitutionalized older persons live alone (8.8 million women, 3.8 million men). Almost half of older women (46%) age 75+ live alone.  Of the 4.27 million Californians who are age 65+, nearly 10 percent are living in poverty.