What is Alive Inside.org?


Alive Inside.Org is a non-profit dedicated to improving life for elders living with demantia and their caregivers. 
We create open-source tools for expanding human connection and intergenerational empathy.
We empower communities to create meaningful, shared experiences that bring the generations together and awaken innate wisdom and aliveness.  
We share technologies like The Alive Inside App, the "Memory Player" Headset, and the Alive Inside Service Learning Guides, to inspire human connection in an open-source manner.

What is the Alive Inside Journey?

Who can do this? 


  • This experiential education journey expands on the vision presented in "Alive Inside" the film.  
    It is designed to deepen the capabilities of our youth.

  • Anthropologists have observed seems to be diminishing some of our deep, communal social skills, skills central to human survival for millennia. 

  • 'The Alive Inside Journey' is intended to be transformational to help us recover parts of our deep human wisdom- before it is too late.

  • We teach youth to transform the lives of elders. 
    We want to expand a volunteer's self concept, empathy skills and emotional intelligence. This educational journey investigates aging, the brain, embodied being, human connection, self-reflection, empathy, dementia awareness, and looks at new ways to meet our emerging future.

Who are the elders?


Your neighbor, your grandmother, your aunt, anyone who life has rendered lonely.  
Loneliness is a huge problem for elders in America. This is actually a disgrace. 

 (Healthcare providers looking to implement an institutional iPod program- please contact Music & Memory.)

Is there Training?

  • Yes! We share FREE community-created, educational materials and tools we call 'The Alive Inside Journey.'
    We want to help youth leaders, teachers, religious leaders and community volunteers  make life better for our elders and all of us.

  • We are developing online courses for students and volunteers.  

Why are you doing this?

  • Making the film, 'Alive Inside ' we saw the power of music, story and human connection. Today, too many elders and youth are stagnating in isolation and disconnection. Many modern youth never interact with elders or get to truly give in a substantial way.
    We want to encourage growth and connection in both young and old.

  • A tidal wave of change is coming- Alive Inside believes the ancient technologies of music, empathy, and connection have necessary tools needed to meet our future.

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