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The Alive Inside Foundation is igniting an Empathy Revolution!
Become part of a network of human beings dedicated to becoming wiser and safer in connection and empathy. 

Our present ways are not working- they have created-

  • Lost elders, Lost youth and a culture of disconnection
  • Global warming, pollution, species loss, seeing life as a thing and other signs of disconnection
  • Loneliness and apathy
  • imprisonment, slave mentality

We can change this- we can change the way we inhabit ourselves, the planet and life itself- 

We believe you can-

Awaken Another to Awaken Yourself! & Awaken Yourself to Awaken Another!  

Sign up to:

  • Join - a virtual Film Screening and Connection Circle
  • Learn- how to develop your own Empathy skills
  • Learn- how to find music for an elder
  • Join - our online and on-the-ground volunteers
  • Teach - Teachers- challenge students to explore end of life wisdom
  • Ignite- your community with a screening of "Alive Inside"
  • Create- a community event or fundraiser
  • Ignite- the Alive Inside Comm-University Movement
  • Create- partnerships with a youth organization/school

Get a Memory Player device! Change a Life! Pay it Forward


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