The Alive Inside Coalition is gathering a brain trust to design and fund a new vision of Elder-Care,
an experimental community we are calling, "Safety."

Help us build "Safety"

"Safety" will include elder care, a nursery School, youth housing, and a birth center.
It will be a place where Elders have value and purpose.
It will be in a walkable community.
It will be Community owned and profitable for investors and the community.
The dream is to create better endings and better becomings for all involved.

Here is our MANIFESTO, please join us.
If you inspired, help us design and build "Safety,"
and add your wisdom to this process-

If you are building a new nursing home- contact us!




For all time, AGING has been humanity's greatest teacher.  

It is unavoidable,
as we face the challenges and losses of aging,
we learn who we really are and what it means to be human.  
This inescapable education is one our culture tries to ignore.

The Alive Inside Foundation, it's community and it's Coalition,
think Eldercare, as it exists today, is on the wrong track,
and even worse, is a huge wasted opportunity.  

Why do we lock away, banish, our deepest wisdom-
in both our youth and elders?

This is just plain wrong.

We are working to transform Eldercare from
a place of isolation, 
boredom, and loss-
to a place of communal learning. 
Our Coalition is working to make Eldercare the new center of our communities- 
Comm-Universities of Human Learning!

This dream is becoming real!!
(We are assembling a team of experts to design and build an experimental community named 'Safety.'
We are piloting our ideas right now in California and documenting the process for our new film- "Alive Inside 2!") 

Join us!  
Build the next chapter of your own life!
The time has come to re-imagine Aging.

No longer will we do-
"to" our elders,
"to" our youth,
"to" our planet,

Instead, we will learn from being-
"with" our elders,
"with" our earth,
"with" our youth, and each other.

Our present paths are not functional or sustainable,
especially not for walking oceans filled with sunshine!  


The time has come to recover the wisdom in aging,
the wisdom in music, art, and connection;
to grow wise together!

Our communal safety demands an Empathy (R)evolution,
Let's wake life in our elders and our youth.
Let's end Loneliness.




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