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The film 'Alive Inside,' taught us how music can wake minds and hearts. But it also showed us how Relationship and Empathy can transform the end of life.  How we leave our lives is very important.  No one should die alone. 


Connecting youth and elders has a profound impact on both generations.

Today, our culture hides from the end of life.  A youth sits with an elder, finds their music, learns their life story and something profound occurs.

We've learned Empathy is teachable through this experience. We know we can teach relationship and deepen emotional intelligence. 
In a world becoming more and more virtual this is important.  The next generation needs to learn things that can be learned from our elders.

We asked ourselves, is a one-time service-learning experience enough to give our youth what they need?

It is not.

Our answer is Comm-University-  a Revolution in Eldercare. We believe we can change the trajectory of eldercare even more profoundly than we did with Alive Inside. 
The efficiencies of our program and the benefits to all involved are culture shifting. 

Our culture is broken in many ways.

Comm-University addresses problems society can no longer afford to leave unaddressed. 
Comm-University in its realized form is a completely new intergenerational way to envision nursing homes.

Students, from kindergarten to college, from local schools, participate each month in teacher-led, curriculum-based learning.
Across a diverse curriculum, spanning subjects such as plant science and horticulture, reading and writing, music and science elders become an integral part of youth education.
AliveInside.Org believes youth and elders are meant to teach each other. 
We are working toward designing and building a new type of eldercare facility, one that pushes together schools, birth centers, community centers, and eldercare. 
This effort and vision is being documented in Rossato-Bennett's new film, 'Alive Inside: Together'


Comm-University began when a local couple brought the film “Alive Inside,” which had won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival, to Healdsburg, CA. 
After seeing the film, Healdsburg residents spontaneously donated over $40,000 that night. Tony Fisher, the head of Marketing/Community Relations at Healdsburg Senior Living (HSL), met with Michael Rossato-Bennet and they started designing and testing an intergenerational program they named Comm-University. Comm-University now links 300- 400 students, from 3-years-old to college students, from 13 local schools each month with seniors.

What makes this program so exciting is its economic viability- It synergistically works with two existing systems, elder care, and schools.
Today, Healdsburg Senior Living is the only facility in 5 counties that has no empty beds, a waiting list and spends its entire marketing budget on making life better for its residents. 

For this reason alone we believe this is an idea that will spread like wildfire.

AliveInside.Org, filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett, and Tony Fisher are committed to spreading the Comm-University idea. 
Comm-University is a continuum of relationship-building programs where elders with dementia are an integral, ongoing part of the lives of growing youth K-12. 
The students are equally a part of the elder's lives.  Comm-University in Mexico City has shown how these relationships can change the way an elder leaves the world. 
When 'No One Dies Alone' elders pass-happy and not in despair. 
This is a good outcome.

Comm-University engages young people in relational, wisdom and arts-related experiences throughout their entire developmental stages.
It is building a new generation of humans, of leaders that can create a better future for all of us. 
CommUniversity teaches the values taught over the last 250,000 years by our ancestors and gives our youth a sense of social, emotional, intellectual, physical and ethical/moral wholeness that provides both generations with a feeling of belonging, something missing in modern life.

In the process, both youth and elders are consistently celebrated and respected.


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We all deserve to feel Alive Inside! 



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