The Alive Inside APP makes it easy to discover our life soundtrack,
the music with links to our past and our earliest identity.  


Step 1
: Get Spotify

You will need a Spotify account (Premium is better but the Free version is fine) -
Set this up on your tablet or computer.
You can easily download Spotify @ 
You can use both the web app or the desktop version.  Both work, but we like the desktop version best!


Step 2:  input info

Once you have Spotify all set up, you can sit down with your Elder!  

We recommend you use a computer or tablet and and since you will be listening to music-
use two headphones with a splitter!  

Open the App and  click on "Create a Playlist'.  

  1. Type in your name and email! 
  2. Then type in your Elder's Name and Birth Year.  
    We recommend using 01/01 for the day and month- all we want is the birth year.  

Now you have completed all the required steps. 

 (If you are in a rush you can press QUICK LIST and it will take you to the last page!)  

If you want to do the long version- press Next
As you work through the questions you will learn a whole lot about your elder.

Remember you can put in more than one answer for any of the drop-down fields-  they are the only ones that will contribute to your music list- 


Step 3: When done, press the Big BLUE “INTERVIEW IS DONE” BUTTON


Step 4:  Now Edit your songs with your elder

Here is your Elder's playlist.  

  • In the window you can additional artists any time.  
    Sometimes artist you had included in the questionnaire don't show up- just reenter them here!  
  • As you play the songs your elder will remember new artists- enter them in the window!


  • If you click on Speaker you can hear the song.  
  • If you click on +5 you will add five songs by the Artist.  
  • If your elder doesn't like or respond to some songs, you can delete them from the list by pressing the “x” next to the song.

OR, what if you play them one of the songs and they say “Oh wait! THAT’s the song I was thinking of!” - you can click the circular arrow button to make a new playlist from that song - however, this will erase your first list, so be sure that you want to do that!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.41.19.png



When your playlist looks good, press the button that says “Save Playlist to Spotify”



Step 6: Sign in to Spotify

If you are not alreadly signed in a window will appear (if it doesn’t, turn off your ad blocking extension) to sign in to your Spotify Account.


Step 7: All Done!

Now your Playlist is on Spotify!  
Now you can go through, edit them, add songs, and delete songs. 
Now you can export your list to help you load your headphones!

To export your list click on the three dots (...) to the right of the green Play/Pause button

detail spotify.PNG

Then press Copy Playlist Link or Copy Spotify URL and paste in a program like SongGrabber if you have a large music collection or KeepVid if you want to download songs for your elder from YouTube

Step 8: Pro Account trick!

If you are using a phone with a Pro Spotify Account and you have WiFi- click the button that says “Make Available Offline”, and after a couple of minutes you will be able to play all of these songs without internet!           


Congratulations, you are now aN Alive Inside HERO!!!

Here is a video tutorial for the APP