Free 'Memory Player' Application




So you want to give an elder a Memory Player!


We want to help!
Our volunteers are standing by!


Here is how to apply-

  1. This giveaway is meant for Elder's-in-Need
    if you can afford to pay $40, please donate $40 here.
    This will let us give away another Memory Player to someone else!
  2. NOTE: We do not have the funds at present to pay for Postage so you will have to be able to cover that.
  3. You must send us a video request for a Memory Player!
    Please record a request video on your phone like Mary below and send to [email protected]

Mary requested a Memory Player for her friend Carolyn -

Anastasia requested a Memory Player for her friend Kathyrn!
This is what happened!



4. Use the provided box or write to [email protected]

This is what we need to know from you-

  • What is your elder's story?

  • What music do they love? (Especially when they were young!)

To find music you can use the Quick List on the Alive Inside App and send us a Music list!


Get a Memory Player device! Change a Life! Pay it Forward


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