So, how do you find music for someone who is much older than you?  What if you come from a different generation or culture and don't know your elder's history or music?   This is a big challenge- here is our solution-


Music from childhood restores connection and a sense of "self" for those living with Alzheimer's disease in a way nothing else does! Now, our AI helps you search over 30 million songs and find your elder's "Alive Inside" Music!  

Why not use the  ALIVE INSIDE APP and create a few playlists for yourself?  Share them with those who love you so they know your "Alive Inside" Music!  Make a playlist of your "happy" music and a playlist of your "emotional" music and record the stories of these songs.  This will be a treasure for your family some day.  

Here is the tutorial for the App.

Find music for an elders in your life. Every time your elder listens to the music you gave them, they feel less alone.  Do this good deed.  Learn from it.  Be courageous and good and face the end of life, instead of running from it.  This challenge will teach you a lot and build your character.  

Please share with us your experiences using the ALIVE INSIDE APP.