How do you find music for your Grandfather?  
You come from different generations so it's a big challenge-
Here is our FREE solution-


Music from childhood restores connection for those living with Alzheimer's disease! 

Use the ALIVE INSIDE APP to create Memory Song-lists for your parents, grandparents and yourself? 
Save them forever in the Alive Inside Memory Bank and share them with your family.
Everyone needs to save their "Alive Inside" Song-lists- before it is too late!  

We suggest you use the ALIVE INSIDE APP to make a Song-list of your elder's "happy" music and a Song-list of their "emotional" music and record the stories connected to these songs.  
This will be a treasure for your family and could be important for them as they age.  

Here is the Tutorial for the ALIVE INSIDE APP.

Find music for all the elders in your life- before it is too late.
Do this as a good deed. but more important- Do it to learn from it.  
Learn to be courageous. Learn to see the life in others.  Learn to face the end of life, instead of running from it.  
Sit before an elder and learn their stories and music- you are not just connecting an elder to memory- you are connecting yourself to life.  This is the most important work of our time- reconnecting with LIFE!

Please share with us what you learn.