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We made "Alive Inside" because everyone should have their music!
But how do you find your Grandfather's music when he comes from a different generation?! 


If your Grandfather has Alzheimer's music from his childhood may wake his emotion and memories! 

Create a Song-list for your parents, grandparents and yourself- with the ALIVE INSIDE APP

Save them forever in the Alive Inside Memory Bank.

Share them- before it is too late!  

Make "happy" and "emotional" Song-lists. Record and share your family stories using Memorez!

This will become a family treasure and be very important as they age.  

Here is a Tutorial for the ALIVE INSIDE APP.

Be courageous.
See life in others.  
Do not run from endings.

Share what you learn on your adventure.

Join our Empathy Revolution! Learn what others are doing! Change your World


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