Welcome to our communication space! 

What we are doing is more than creating songlists for elders living with Dementia.  We are creating an Empathy Revolution, allowing the generations to learn from eachother!

We want to hear what you have experienced! 

Together we are bringing life to minds that most people in today's society ignore. 

The journey changes all of us. 

Let's capture your attitudes before you start your learning project.

Pick up your phone/camera, go to a quiet location and film yourself answering the following questions: 


1. What moved me the most in the film Alive Inside? 

2. Which person in the film moved me the most? Why?

3. What moved me to action?

4. What are your thoughts about old people? 

5. What are your thoughts about connecting with elders? 

6. What are your thoughts about your own aging? 

7. What are your thoughts about dementia? 

8. Do we live in a world that values the aging process? 


Once you are done email the video to: info@aliveinside.org


Together we can create an empathy revolution!