Help! The App has stopped working!!!

Filming 'Henry' and hundreds of elders waking up convinced me - all elders should have the music of youth.
It took 2 years of effort and several false starts but we did it- we created the 'Alive Inside APP' - a FREE tool to find the music that can wake our elders!

Today,  an amazing story - the past few weeks were a whirlwind of emotions for us at the Alive Inside Foundation. The most terrible thing happened-  The Alive Inside APP suddenly stopped working!  We didn’t even know anything was wrong and then emails started pouring in from all over the world-

Help, the APP isn't working!
We can't find music for our elders!

 YIKES!  Imagine how terrible we felt, and even worse, we couldn't figure out what was wrong with the APP!  We were going crazy! 

Finally, we discovered Spotify had changed their code. We worked day and night with our coding genius Abi and we fixed the problem.  Whew, the APP was working again!

Letters of thanks started coming in.  This was the silver lining- we learned how many people are using the APP!  It made us very proud.  Inspired, we added some new functionality- 

Now, when you finish your Songlist, the APP sends you an email list of your Elder’s Songs.   

We also created the 'Alive Inside Memory Bank.' Now you can store your elder’s playlist forever and share it with family! 

We hope you will take a few moments to make a Songlist for yourself, your parents, and your grandparents!  If you need help watch the Tutorial.  

Let us know what you feel or learn connecting with your elder.  Next Blog we will be sharing your stories!

We honor your kind hearts, your musical souls, and all your contributions-
Thank you for expanding our Empathy and Emotional Intelligence!




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