The Alive Inside Comm-University Manifesto

For all of recorded time, aging has been humanity's greatest teacher.  As each of us faces the challenges and losses of aging, we learn who we are and how to be better humans.  It is an inescapable education.

The Alive Inside Foundation, and it's partners, think Eldercare, as it exists today, is on the wrong track, and is a massive wasted opportunity.  

We dream of Eldercare facilities across the country, joining together and becoming a Comm-University of Human Learning- instead of places of isolation, boredom and loss- they become places of communal learning. 

We will re-imagine Eldercare together.

We will no longer do "to" or "for"our elders, the time has come to do "with" our elders,  and"with" our earth and "with" each other. The time has come to share the lessons of aging, and grow wise together!

What if we could turn Eldercare into a place of learning and value for both young and old - what if we could turn Eldercare into a University of Life, that involves the whole community.  We are doing it! Join us!

Let's ignite the Empathy Revolution!  
Let us know what you want in the "Alive Inside Comm-University Manifesto!"  


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