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Welcome Detectives!

Let’s bring Memory and Identity back to our elders through their music and your human connection. Music affects the brain and body unlike anything else - it accesses multiple parts of the brain, and miraculously the ability to feel music stays strong, almost to the end. Music and Human Connection are unparalleled and often ignored tools for restoring memory and identity. As Alive Inside Detectives you will help your elder "re-member" their deepest music and you will do this- sharing your presence and caring energy. Our goal is not just to wake memories but also to be “Alive Inside” together in the here and now. Click here to bring this "Alive Inside" journey to your Community!

Here's our video tutorial for the Alive Inside App, which can be found here -

Print this page if you don't have a smartphone or computer!

Go through this questionnaire with your elder. This is your opportunity to learn about your elder through their music and their history and deepen your relationship with your elder.  Everyone loves attention! You are giving a great gift!  You are enhancing a life through human connection, empathy and the magic, for want of another word we call- music!

My Elder's Name *
My Elder's Name

Now it's time to Make your elder their playlist!

(NOTE: Again, to use the Alive Inside App you must create a Spotify Account)

1. Click on our Alive Inside App.

2. Type in one of the songs your elder mentioned in the above questionnaire  

3. If you need Extra help finding the song, try these tools:

Song Search Help - Google the Song Title, or...

Lyric Search

Title Search

Artist Search

Songs By Date


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