FREE "Memory Players" for Elders in need

Making "Alive Inside" we saw too many elders living alone and lonely at home; living without "connection."

This made us so sad.  
We felt their loneliness and wanted to help.  

It is painful to be cut off from life!  
In 1980 20% of Americans complained of loneliness, today that number has grown to 40%.

Touring with the film we met many people who want to help these forgotten elders-

About 28% (12.5 million) of non-institutionalized older persons live alone (8.8 million women, 3.8 million men). Almost half of older women (46%) age 75+ live alone

We thought, let's inspire an army of young people to connect!  
Let's fight the epidemic of disconnection sweeping the world.

To help, filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett invented our "Memory Players," the only All-in-One music player that two people can listen to at the same time!
Designed to be low cost and high quality, to be given away and bring connection!

Music is how we share the wisdom words can not convey-
that we are songs, vibratory beings, fueled by pure Sunshine!
Listen, Music will awaken even a closing mind!
— Michael Rossato-Bennett

ARE YOU READY to Help someone be "Alive Inside?"

Donate or Volunteer.

DONATE- Your $25 Donation (below) gives a volunteer- on-line training and one "All-in-One Headset" to give to an elder in need (living at home).  
100% of your donation goes to giving FREE "Memory Players" and human connection.  This project helps instill empathy skills and empathy ambitions in the next generation.

VOLUNTEER- Do you have an elder in need you want to help?  
Are you are ready to learn about yourself and the power of human connection?  
Are you ready to give and recieve from your elder? 

This is the story of Mary, Carolyn and Chloe:

Send us your story!  
Become an Alive Inside Hero like Chloe!
Nothing makes us humans feel more "Alive Inside" than helping a vulnerable soul.

A success story

Hal wrote us and asked for help- one of our vollunteers responded! How could we refuse this sweet man? 


Stay tuned- we are developing an Online Platform to help our youth volunteers to sing, share music, poetry, life stories and more with elders living at home!!  The #Empathy Revolution is gaining speed!!