The documentary film "Alive Inside" changed the way we see elders living with Alzheimer's Dementia. We learned there is profound emotional "Aliveness" in them.  In the film, Music and Human connection awaken and transform life and provide beauty in the transition to death.  

At The Alive Inside Foundation we believe Music and Human Connection have wisdom for all of us. Music's gift is more than just headphones on elders.  Music is an "Empathy Revolution," and was invented by humans to bring together community.  AIF wants an "Empathy Revolution" in eldercare and education, while also creating a more "dementia aware" culture.  The increase in loneliness and the decrease in empathy in our culture is wrong and must be reversed. AIF provides a forum for the creation of open-source education and tools, in service of a more empathetic future, a future where aging and growing up are humane! 

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Our Mission

The Alive Inside Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring an Empathy Revolution through education, inter-generational practices, music, technology and film. We empower local communities to create meaningful experiences that link the generations, transform elder care and expand aliveness globally. We are working to inspire an entirely new vision for Eldercare and youth engagement in aging.



  1. Change the way aging is viewed and wisdom transference is experienced.
  2. Inspire youth to find value in aging and in connection with elders.
  3. Inspire the finding of purpose for youth.
  4. Fight an epidemic of loneliness, boredom, and disconnection in both Elders and youth.
  5. Improve communities and create space for sustainable core values.
  6. Create and Implement "CommUniversity" models for Eldercare.



  1. Create the "Alive Inside" documentary. Show the world how:
    • Music can awaken the minds of elders with Alzheimer's disease
    • Music and human connection can provide a new safety-
    • Status: COMPLETE
  2. Ignite an Empathy Revolution for young and old by creating:
    • Empathy-Training to empower a million youth to help a million elders (at home, lonely and financially challenged): IN-PROCESS
    • Free Open Source Tools- The Alive Inside App! & Headphones for elders without means.  Status: COMPLETE! 
    • Open Source Education - Community created Experiential Education and Peer Support Guides. Status: IN-PROCESS
    • Community Events - Alive Inside Community Screenings and workshops
    • Alive Inside Vision Quests- Youth & Corporate Service Learning Workshops. Status: IN-PROCESS
    • The Empathy Network Platform - a place to share and expand on all of the above. Status: IN-PROCESS
  3. Ignite an Empathy Revolution in Eldercare:
    • Change Eldercare from: elder storage, to: places of communal learning-
    • Develop, Support and model the Alive Inside CommUniversity. Status: IN-PROCESS
  4. Expand The Empathy Revolution with a new film: 
    • 'Alive Inside 2'- this new film by the "Alive Inside" team addresses the cost of our present ways of thinking and as a model, explores a complete rethinking of Eldercare. Status: IN-PROCESS

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