(IncLuding ourselves!)

The documentary film "Alive Inside" changed how we see elders living with Alzheimer's Dementia. Now, we see profound emotional "Aliveness."  The film shows how Music and Human connection can awaken and transform lives!!  

Sharing Music, Art and Human Connection is ancient wisdom. 
Music, Dance and Empathy are part of our hard-wiring and designed to bring us together.  
In our culture, Loneliness is increasing and empathy is decreasing.  This trend must be reversed. 
AIF believes we can heal this 'hole' in our hearts,
and ignite an "Empathy Revolution" that transforms eldercare and youth education.  


Join the Movement!


Our Mission

The Alive Inside Foundation is a non-profit, dedicated to healing the epidemic of lonliness and disconnection sweeping the lives of our young and old. We empower local communities connect the generations, transform life for our elders and spark an 'Empathy Revolution in our young!' 



  1. Fight the epidemic of loneliness and disconnection in Elders and youth.
  2. Change aging and wisdom transference in modern life.
  3. Inspire youth to see value in aging and in connection with elders.
  4. Inspire our youth to fight disconnection.
  5. Inspire "Comm-University" (inter-generational learning) models for Eldercare.
  6. Help youth give 1 million headsets to elders living with Dementia at home.



  1. Create the "Alive Inside" documentary. Show the world how:
    • Music can awaken the minds of elders with Alzheimer's disease
    • Music and human connection point to a new safety-
    • Status: COMPLETE
  2. Ignite an 'Empathy Revolution' - heal the hearts of young and old:
    • Empower a million youth to wake life for a million lonely elders living at home with Dementia): STARTED
    • Create Free Open Source Tools- The Alive Inside App!  Status: COMPLETE
    • Create Free Open Source Education - The Alive Inside Mini Guide. 
      Status: COMPLETE
    • Create Alive Inside Community Screenings and workshops
    • Create Alive Inside Vision Quests- Youth & Corporate Service Learning Workshops. 
      Status: IN-PROCESS
  3. Ignite an Empathy Revolution in Eldercare:
  4. Expand The Empathy Revolution with a follow-up film: 
    • Create 'Alive Inside 2'- a new film by the "Alive Inside" team investigates the loneliness atand explores a complete rethinking of Eldercare. Status: IN-PRODUCTION

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The Alive Inside Foundation
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