A story of beauty and endings...


Rosine and Pauline spending time together

Rosine and Pauline spending time together.


At the Alive Inside Foundation, we want to empower as many people as possible to experience connecting with our forgotten elders. 

A few days ago, in our newsletter, we shared a picture of, Pauline, a student, sharing time with an 89-year-old Mexican/French woman named Rosine.
The same day the newsletter went out, we learned Rosine passed.  
This affected all of us.  Here are the words of the volunteers who worked with Rosine- 

First, Pauline's teacher, Bernadette:

"Life is fragile and immense.
It's like music.
It fascinates us in it's mystery- as soon as we approach it, it vanishes away.
Today, after three months of visiting and sharing time and favorite songs with the elders, we received sad news.
Rosine, the beautiful 89 years old Mexican French woman, who every time she saw my student, would say

... "Oh Pauline ... my music!" 

... has passed away.
We all feel very sad for her loss.

At the same time, we feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to see her die in peace, full and happy.
During her last months, Rosine and Paulina made a beautiful bond.
Through time, storytelling, music and Paulina´s presence, Rosine recovered part of her history and identity.
She smiled and enjoyed life again.
Every time she listened to her songs, she was transformed.
Every time she saw Paulina, she knew she would experience something good.
She made Paulina her confidant, her friend.
In our last visit, Paulina gave her a photo album of their experience.
Rosine was happy.  Some of the pages from the book Pauline made Rosine are below.
This experience was possible due to the support of these generous institutions:
Iberoamerican University, Bringas Haghenbeck Foundation, and The Alive Inside Foundation. Thank you all.

We are who we are because someone trusted in us. 

                                                          -Bernadette González

Sharing stories and favorite songs!

Sharing stories and favorite songs!

Pauline's words:

"Rosine was a very intelligent woman, full of such complex qualities that even with all the time in the world,
it would be impossible to finish knowing her or finish learning from her.

When I heard the news today, I was stunned, I did not know what to think.

She left me a lot of good things which I find difficult to express. 
Due to our different perspectives, she opened my mind and provoked thoughts I have never considered. 
In our life, people pass by without us realizing what they have to offer, or what we can offer to them.

I am glad to have met her and helped her achieve a more positive vision of her life. 
It will be very difficult to forget her since she marked our lives, making her unforgettable. 
I listened to her experience in life and now I understand there is no way to describe her.
She was an exceptional and wonderful woman, full of courage, talent, charisma, happiness, and intelligence.

To be with her caused me a great emotion,
I felt we had plenty of time to be together and endlessly talk or listen to music.
I was wishing to be always near her without paying attention to time.

Today, I can only thank Rosine for everything she taught me, and for all the questions she provoked in me.

I will miss you,

              Paulina González Luna Ruiz"

Page one of the book Pauline made- 'The story of Rosine's life..."

Page one of the book Pauline made for Rosine- 'The story of Rosine's life..."

Rosine, you have been loved,
you will be missed!

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