RAD beginings



The RAD Story :

It all began when Wayne Mesker attended a screening of Alive Inside at the Cleveland International Film Festival in March of 2014. 

He was so moved by the film & by the vision of the film's Director Michael Rossato-Bennett, he decided to throw his contacts & connections behind the Film's mission.   
That day he came up with the idea for Rock Against Dementia.

The first concert was launched in Cleveland, Ohio.
Over the last 3 years it has become a Global Movement.

RAD.pngIn 2017 there were 76 #RockDementia17  Events in 12 Countries on 3 Continents 
A Rock Against Dementia event can be fundraising can be any Concert, band performance, or gathering of friends sharing music.

The funds raised from RAD events bring together the generations through music and further the Alive Inside Empathy (R)Evolution!

We at AIF honor people like Wayne Mesker, people who are singlehandedly changing the world for the better.

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