Well, imagine you have created a Spotify playlist for Grandma and you want to download some songs for her from Youtube.

Keepvid Music is a great solution for at home music loading.  This is not an institutional solution, but for an individual trying to make a playlist for an elder at home, this is a great tool to find the songs on a playlist you made on the Alive Inside APP or Spotify. KeepVid Music downloads songs from Youtube to your computer, phone or SD Card.


First, go here and Download KeepVid Music, either for Mac or PC.

Once downloaded, register, or use a code to register.

(By the way- hunt around- if you sign up and don't buy it right away- they come back with an offer that is much less expensive!)

Now that you have this program- Just use The Alive Inside App or Spotify (free version is fine) to make and  edit a list of your Grandma's favorite music- it is lots of fun!  

After you have prepared your list- (this one was made for James, born in 1911!) Just go to the list in Spotify and press the three dots in the circle next to the PLAY button-
Then, from the drop down menu choose- "Copy Spotify URI"

After you do that you just open KeepVid Music and paste the "Spotify URI" into the window.

That is basically all there is too it.

The Program downloads the music wherever you tell it to!  To your computer, SD Card, or your phone!

Here is the KeepVid Tutorial Page if you need more help!



Go find your elders the music that lives deep within their memory!

Let us know if you want to do a community screening of "Alive Inside"

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