The Alive Inside Coalition recognizes the loneliness and disconnection in all our lives. If it is a symptom of living “life out of balance,” we must change!

In our work, we have discovered beautiful teaching moments with far-reaching implications.


By connecting the very young and the very old living with dementia we can shift our relationship with life, aging and growing up.




Loneliness and social isolation impact everyone - parents, children, caregivers, older people – and you and me. Intergenerational relationships are essential to human life and development and yet they have been engineered out of modern culture. That is not good. This breakdown of human relationship has a cost. It is showing itself in the madness we see unfolding worldwide. In a relationship, the young and old, mature, become and gain wisdom. 


Alive Inside Volunteers have had amazing experiences waking elders with dementia. They have learned a lot helping souls that have been abandoned. You can join them. Our new program lets volunteers help from the comfort of their home. Just one phone call and you can change life for an elder and their family. But more than that, you can be part of reconnecting humanity- instead of watching it fall apart.


Talking about music with these elders and their caregivers is very satisfying. Nothing more pleasurable than sending a “Memory Player” to a family. We are grateful to our donors' generosity.




If you have an elder living with dementia who needs their memories awakened, we have volunteers standing by. Our Volunteers will help find music for elders in need and give them a free “Memory Player."


Sign Up for the pilot program here by answering the questions below.

  • What is your elder's story?
  • What music do they love?


We will give the first 100 elders who apply for this pilot program- all they need.


Click the video below to see the story of Chloe. In this video, she is giving music to Carolyn, her elder in need.



Every $50 donated will help one elder. They will receive a headset and a trained volunteer to help them.


Fight Disconnection!




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