Free Memory Players for Elders in Need





Making "Alive Inside" we discovered there are millions of elders living alone-
many unable to leave the house. 
We believe that an elders financial status shouldn't stop them from receiving the life-changing benefits of Alive Inside.

So, for every "Alive Inside Memory Player" sold, we give one to an elder-in-need.


If you know an elder living with dementia, without means, and are willing to connect with them, find them their music, and bring them a headset, let us know.  

Just send us a video (UPLOAD HERE) that explains-

  • your elder's story

  • why you are moved to help

  • what you are learning from the process

If a video isn't an option, fill in the form on this page or email us at

We will send you all you need.

Please consider donating at a level you are able to and note that we do have a limited amount of free headsets. 


For inspiration, here is the story of Mary, Carolyn, and Chloe:


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